Cardiovascular Imaging

Cardiovascular Imaging

Multimodality cardiovascular imaging, which now includes an extensive portfolio of diagnostic techniques, is the common point between all cardiological sub-specialties such as clinical cardiology, emergency area, invasive cardiology, cardiac surgery and finally translational cardiology. Therefore, the structuring of a process of encoding and storage of imaging data is pivotal at time of artificial intelligence. This working group develops and conducts projects in close cooperation with the other working groups, moreover aims to develop a common Imaging Bank platform among the IRCCS. This platform will aim to standardize data and imaging storage to have a platform ready for artificial intelligence platforms.  In this way it will be possible to obtain a massive data resource to be used for observational research projects of a prospective and retrospective nature.


Active Projects:
  • Characterization of the morphological and functional substrate of arrhythmic patients previously subjected to surgical correction of Fallot’s tetralogy (PI: F. Pluchinotta; POLICLINICO SAN DONATO)
  • Characterization of patients with chronic left ventricular dysfunction post-infarction – VavirimS – (PI: P. Camici; OSPEDALE SAN RAFFAELE)
  • Early identification of cardiotoxicity during chemotherapy by calculation of extracellular volume (ECV) obtained by CT examination – Carditox-CT study – (PI: G. Pontone; CENTRO CARDIOLOGICO MONZINO)
  • Prognostic role of myocardial fibrosis evaluated with cardiac MRI in high-risk elderly patients with severe low flow low gradient aortic valve stenosis (PI: R. Mattioli; MultiMedica)
  • Coronary Physiology Testing in Acute Coronary Syndromes: the CoPhyTeA trial (PI: P.Camici; OSPEDALE SAN RAFFAELE)

Prof. Piergiuseppe Agostoni


IRCCS Centro Cardiologico Monzino